Friday, 11 December 2009

More Stock

Hiya Gorgeous People.

Got another litle tease for you:

Large Bleeding Heart (Pendant)

Pin Up Style Rockabilly Cherries Earring -

Cursed Apple Pendant

'Freaky Boutique' Skullies -

Gory Foot Pendant -

Thats a few more to be getting on with.

I will say something about our charms, They are all (even the smaller looking ones) quite chunky. Not like 'Put this necklace on and hit the ground' big, but for example - The Red and Purple Battenburg charms in the photo below are 1 inch square. If you are however after smaller charms, thats totally possible. For those of you who know me, big is just my style!

If anyone has any Ideas, We welcome any inspiration you guys are willing to give =]

 Have Fun!

K x


  1. Oh my god I want the earrings. =p

  2. "Large Bleeding Heart" and the "Skullies" are still my favourites.